Customizable Dashboards

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Each dashboard has 2 main sections:

  1. Tabs section on the top
  2. Widgets section bellow the tabs. Widgets can be drag and dropped in the dashboard

Both of them are fully customizable by each user of the system

Customize the layout

Add or remove tabs\widgets simply press the Customize link and select the appropriate option:

Add Widgets

To add new widgets to a tab, simply press Customize->Add Widgets and check the widgets you want to add:

Change Widgets Layout

To changes the layout of the widgets in a tab, press Cutomize->Manage Widgets->Layout and select the preferred layout:

Remove Widgets

Press Customize->Manage Widgets, select the widget in the list and press the Remove link

Color Code Widgets

To change the widget color, in the dashboard press Customize->Manage Widgets->Select the Widget->Press Properties link. Next choose the preferred color

Add Tabs

To add tabs to the dashboard, press Customize->Manage Tabs->Add Tab