Monthly Archives: November 2012

Introducing: Patient Manager Standard and Lite

Standard & Lite

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re on a budget, we have a product for you. These new products are built on the solid foundation of Patient Manager Advanced. You can enjoy a product that fits your needs and is also more affordable.

You can check them out and try them at the download page

Discounted Prices

You have available huge discounts on all the versions until the end of the year. Take the opportunity to start your new year more organized. Read more at pricing page

If you’re a Patient Manager 2 registered user, you also benefit of discounted prices.  Read more at upgrade pricing

Recent New Features

From your requests, we added new features to the Patient Manager 3 line:

  • Printing of multiple Images from the program
  • Receipts and POS support linked with the billing
  • Custom Printing of Consultations with Word templates. Predefined Consultation Letter and Rx included
  • Building of new Patient Documents from Word templates

Have a great day!

The Patient Manager Team