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Announcing Patient Manager 3.1 and Hospital Manager

We’ve taken your feedback and are excited to announce the release of Hospital Manager and the minor update of Patient Manager.

Patient Manager improvements

Version 3.1 includes hundreds of small tweaks and a few major additions. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Permissions. You can fine tune who have access to what features of the program with Group Permissions
  • Billing. We added Medic Percents to compute the income of the medics by a preset formula
  • Extended Patient Documents. With Excel templates and protected Word templates
  • Predefined Templates. You can start using or customize the Predefined Templates for patient documents
  • Rounded out interface. With redesigned editors and viewers like Consultation Editor and Checkins

This release is free  of charge for version 3.0 customers, as all upcoming 3.x versions. You can download and install it from the download page

>>    If you have purchased versions 1 or 2, you can Upgrade
>>    with prices starting as low as 99USD

Hospital Manager released

Hospital Manager is built on top of Patient Manager Advanced, and is addressed to larger clinics and hospitals.

The following are the extra features:

  • Inpatients. You can manage your inpatients with the Room Viewer or schedule them with the Beds Calendar
  • Laboratory. Manage in-house labs sections and their tests with Laboratory
  • Pharmacy. The pharmacists can dispense prescribed medication through the Pharmacy module accessible only to them

You can download and trial Hospital Manager from download page.

Enjoy this exciting new release.

The Patient Manager Team