Monthly Archives: June 2013

Announcing Patient Manager 3.3 with internal messaging

We’re glad to announce you the release of Patient Manager and Hospital Manager 3.3.

New features

You can enjoy the following added features:

  • Messages – you can send message to users and groups, with attached database records
  • Copayers Dashboards – provides overview on the copayers and drill down on any copayer with a click
  • Activity Logs – logs the creation, change and deletion of objects by the users
  • Patient Image in Patient Chart – view the patient’s photo when working in the chart
  • Drug Refills auto calculation – automatic calculation of total prescribed tablets, vials and so on, based on the dosage, frequency and the number of days from the prescription
  • New global settings – admin setting for all the users in the system
  • Latest ICD10 codes – added the latest diagnosis and procedure codes ( Revision 10 from 2013)
More details on these new features are available at release notes page

How to update

You can download and install this version from the  download page . No uninstall is necessary.

This version is free for the registered users of version 3 of the software. Registered users of version 1 and 2 can upgrade their copy at update older versions page

Enjoy this new release and let us know your feedback.