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Version 4 Release – Patient Manager & Hospital Manager

Version 4

Checkout what’s new

With this release you get a modern interface so your staff can work more efficiently. Optionally you can switch to the previous Office interface. A major addition in working with medical records is the Patient Timeline, which can be viewed in the image above. You have the complete list of what’s new in the release notes or in the documentation .

How to upgrade

The upgrade is similar to the setup and purchase of previous versions. You’ll need todownload and install version 4 from the download page. Next you’ll be able to connect to your live database either manually or automatically by using the built-in wizards. You can purchase upgrades from the upgrade page and to license the new version, simply send us by email the license requests from the computers you upgrade, and we’ll generate your full licenses.

Get up to 60% discount on upgrading

You benefit of 60% discount if you upgrade your licenses until 20th Dec. More details on prices and upgrade terms you have in the release notes or in the upgrade prices