Monthly Archives: September 2015

Treatment Plans and Plan Templates [version 4.2]

Treatment Plans allow you to predefine once the steps of the patient treatments as templates, and reuse them as required on your patients. Examples of treatment plans:

  • a weekly entry for the reception to call the patient
  • a setup over months of what drugs or procedures should the patient take
  • a setup for inpatients for all the activities the patient will go through while in hospital
More details on these new feature are available at release notes page . Note that this feature is available only in Patient Manager Advanced and Hospital Manager

How to update

Simply download and install from the  download page . No uninstall is necessary.

This minor version is free for the registered users of major version 4 of the software. Registered users of previous versions can upgrade their licenses at update older versions page

Enjoy this new release and let us know your feedback.