Patient Manager 1.10 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Patient Manager version 1.10

This version comes with new features like Allergies and Statistics, and improvements of the already existing
great features like Patient Billing and Patient Dashboard.

To get the latest version, just follow this link:


Patient Allergies

Enter any number of allergies to a patient.

The program will color in red the panel if the patient has allergies.

How to

  • In Patient Dashboard select the Summary or Records tab.
  • In the Allergies panel click the Create Allergy link and start adding a new allergy.

Statistics Beta

Statistics is a newly added feature and it is in beta stage.

You can preview a few statistics on patients’ demographics and billing. New ones will be added in the next releases.

If you need a special statistic for your practice, contact us at
. We welcome your suggestions and will consider them for future releases.

Patient Dashboard improvements

You can drag and drop files from you file system directly on the Patient Documents panel.

The Patient Consultation Editor and Patient Treatment Editor were improved for better usability and better billing integration.

Patient Billing improvements

The billing and it’s integration with the medical records got even easier for you with the latest features.

You can now preview at a glance the financial situation of a patient, the paid amount, the balance and the unpaid items and invoices.

With a single click you can issue an invoice from the already entered billable items (consultations, prescriptions or treatments), or a
payment for the all the issued invoices.

To get the latest version, just follow this link: