What's New in Version 5

This major update brings substantial improvements with new features, performance and design

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Main New Features

Customizable Dashboards

All dashboards (Home, Patient Chart, Billing, etc) can be customized with tabs and widgets. Read more ...

Patient Chart improvements

The Patient Chart layout can be changed, and also the chart's dashboard is customizable with tabs and widgets. Read more ...

Patient Values Widgets

You can quickly view the values for a patient, displayed in a table or chart, or both. Read more ...

Field Values Coloring

You can define reference values for patient forms fields. Values outside the reference values will be coloured accordingly. Read more ...

Discontinue and Repeat Drug Prescriptions

Now existing drug prescription can be either discontinued, or repeated.
Read more ...

Field Value Multi-line Text

You can define patient form fields with multi-line and unlimited length.
Read more ...

PDF Forms Support

Predefined PDF forms can now be filled out right into the software.
Read more ...

Print\Export of Patient Forms

Patient Forms can be printed or exported to PDF with the design they display (WYSIWYG). Read more ...

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Medics Filter in Scheduling

Useful when there are many registered medics, in Calendars, Checkins and Inpatients you can filter by user service and location. Read more ...

Custom Columns

In most Viewers you can add the column of your choosing to the columns list.
Read more ...

Checkins for TVs and Tablets

Display on tablets or TVs, the checkins for certain medics to be viewed by the waiting patients. Read more ...

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Inventory Removal Documents

You can remove items from inventory, like expired drugs, using this feature.
Read more ...

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Other New Features and Improvements

  • Bill of Materials support in Lab\Imaging Tests Requests
  • Patient Editor Options
  • Merge Duplicate Patients
  • Build Transfers\Request from Billable Items
  • Patient Medical Report
  • Resources Usage Report
  • Transfers and Transfer Requests Reports
  • Aged Receivables Report
  • Items Stocks with Billable Items Report

Version 5 is Fully Compatible with the latest v4

You can test v5 side by side with v4, or on your current v4 database

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Latest News

6.2 version

High DPI, Calendar, DICOM, ...

We added High DPI support, new Calendar Statuses and Flags, Multi row Mail Merge.

Also a new DICOM PACS system integration comes with this version.

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Major version and
DICOM integration

With added general improvements in usability, exporting and reporting. Medical records got Autocalculated fields. New features in Billing and Purchases. Major redesign of Lab\Imaging modules.

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