Monthly Archives: April 2013

Announcing Patient Manager 3.2 with tablet support

Viewer app for tablets and smartphones

Patient Manager and Hospital Manager include a viewer app for tablets and smartphones, which you can use the browse your database.

Details how to set up and use the app you can find at Patient Manager Touch

New features

On your requests, we added and updated features in:

  • Calendar - added appointments completion, work hours, custom appointment duration
  • Billing - added Patient Balance Sheet with printexport functionality in Patient Chart
  • Consultation Registry – Extended with medic filtering and custom columns
  • Patient Documents – OneNote support
More details on these new features are available at release notes page

How to update

You can download and install this version from the  download page . No uninstall is necessary.

This version is free for the registered users of version 3 of the software. Registered users of version 1 and 2 can upgrade their copy at update older versions page

Enjoy this new release and let us know your feedback.