Monthly Archives: May 2016

Biometrics and Health Messaging [v4.3]

You have available the version 4.3 of Patient Manager and Hospital Manager

New features

  • Biometrics Module
  • Health Messaging Module ( HL7\XML systems and devices)
  • Capture multiple images, Capture to PDF
  • Patient Image in Consultation Templates, Document Templates, Certificates, etc
  • Automatically notify Nurses\Lab on creation of new documents or lab requests
  • Show appointments and plans in Patient TimeLine
  • Adjustments in Invoices, Receipts
  • View Records Change Log
More details on these new features are available at release notes page

How to update

Simply download and install from the  download page . No uninstall is necessary.

This minor version is free for the registered users of major version 4 of the software.

Enjoy this new release and let us know your feedback.