Monthly Archives: August 2013

Announcing Patient Manager 3.4 with copayer coverage, nurse notes and more

The release of Patient Manager and Hospital Manager 3.4 is available

New Features

You can enjoy the following added features:

  • Copayer Memberships and Plans, with coverage and discounts
  • Nurse Notes
  • Billing Inpatient Admission Days
  • Prescription info in Pharmacy
  • Items of type Drug
  • Billable Prescriptions with Items of type Drug
  • Items with separate Tax (VAT)
  • Support for translation in your language
More details on these new features are available at release notes page

How to update

You can download and install this version from the  download page . No uninstall is necessary.This version is free for the registered users of version 3 of the software. Registered users of version 1 and 2 can upgrade their copy at update older versions page

Enjoy and let us know your feedback.