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Patient Manager 1.10 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Patient Manager version 1.10

This version comes with new features like Allergies and Statistics, and improvements of the already existing
great features like Patient Billing and Patient Dashboard.

To get the latest version, just follow this link:



Patient Allergies

Enter any number of allergies to a patient.

The program will color in red the panel if the patient has allergies.

How to

  • In Patient Dashboard select the Summary or Records tab.
  • In the Allergies panel click the Create Allergy link and start adding a new allergy.

Statistics Beta

Statistics is a newly added feature and it is in beta stage.

You can preview a few statistics on patients’ demographics and billing. New ones will be added in the next releases.

If you need a special statistic for your practice, contact us at
. We welcome your suggestions and will consider them for future releases.

Patient Dashboard improvements

You can drag and drop files from you file system directly on the Patient Documents panel.

The Patient Consultation Editor and Patient Treatment Editor were improved for better usability and better billing integration.

Patient Billing improvements

The billing and it’s integration with the medical records got even easier for you with the latest features.

You can now preview at a glance the financial situation of a patient, the paid amount, the balance and the unpaid items and invoices.

With a single click you can issue an invoice from the already entered billable items (consultations, prescriptions or treatments), or a
payment for the all the issued invoices.

To get the latest version, just follow this link:



Patient Manager 1.9 Released

This release of Patient Manager adds great value to your practice. Besides helping
you save time and energy, it empowers you to focus to the task at hand.

Now you can do operations that usually require a network administrator, like assigning
permissions, setting up and maintaining your database, connecting the workstations
to the server, with virtually no technical knowledge.

In this release you have seamless integration of Calendar – Patient Records – Billing
in the Patient Dashboard, new features like Drug Prescriptions and Patient Documents,
User Permissions and Database Maintenance ( database setup, backup and restore from
the program ).

To get the latest version, just follow this link:


Access Records with a click on the Calendar!

Patient Dashboard

Stop wasting time and energy searching patients or medical records!

Patient Dashboard empowers you to access in one place your calendar, the patient’s demographics, appointments, medical records and billing.

How to

  • Double-click the patient’s appointment to open the medical records in the same window. No more need search for patients, just click on who’s next
  • Schedule a follow-up by double-clicking the calendar on a free spot and it’s done

Standout with elegant drug prescriptions

Drug Prescription

Drug Prescription allows you to prescribe medication to your patients.

You can specify the prescription details, like Quantity, Refills, Dosage, Frequency and more

To further streamline your work, you can:

  • Print or Export the prescription
  • Generate Invoice associated to the prescription right from the

Electronically store paper records

Patient Document

Achieve peace of mind with electronically stored paper records.

Do you have patient records on paper, like scanned lab results or research documents?

Store them securely in digital format as Patient Documents!

  • You can add files like PDF, Word, Excel, or other popular file types
  • Visualize the content of the files them inside the program

Assign Permissions

Patient Permissions

Assign Access Permissions, because the patient records are your business, not your secretary’s

With Permissions you can ensure the privacy of your patients.

You can easily set up the program so the medics will have access to the patient list and the medical records, and the secretary at the front desk will have access to the patient list and billing

Setup and Control your database

Setup and Control your database without any expert help. No technical knowledge is required anymore to setup the database on the server and connect the network workstations.

Install MSDE or MySQL database on your server right from the program, from File -> New Database in the main menu. Or you use can use the free Database Installer utility, which is downloadable

Other Features

  • Publish the database in the network
  • Search for published or default Databases
  • Backup and Restore for every supported database

Print invoices right from the medical records

Patient Invoice

Work efficiently by generating Invoices and Payments directly from the medical records, from consultations or drug prescriptions

Brand your Invoices and Reports with your Logo

How to

  • To generate an invoice of a consultation, in the Consultation Editor enter the Cost and press the View Invoice button. The invoice will open up, ready for export or printing.

To get the latest version, just follow this link: